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20th Dec 2016

Four People Have Been Injured After Extreme Turbulence On Flight From Cork To Lanzarote


There’s us never going on a flight again….

It has been reported that three crew members and one passenger are believed to have sustained injuries after an Aer Lingus flight, travelling from Cork to Lanzarote, experienced some pretty extreme turbulence on Saturday.

According to the Evening Echo, a female crew member suffered a broken leg, another crew member suffered head and neck injuries, while a third person suffered gashes to the head and arm, just before the plane touched down in Lanzarote on Saturday afternoon.

All four injured parties were provided with medical treatment as soon as the plane landed in Lanzarote. They seemed shaken, according to eye-witnesses, but they are believed to doing well and on the road to recovery.

The Aer Lingus flight had been scheduled to leave Cork for Lanzarote at 2pm on Saturday afternoon but didn’t depart until 3pm and then landed at 6.45pm, 45 minutes later than originally scheduled.

The return flight to Cork that evening was cancelled and rescheduled until the next day, due to the received injuries.

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