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12th Jan 2017

Freddo Bar Fans – We’ve Some Sad News For You


Chocoholics everywhere have been dealt a cruel blow today with the announcement that Freddos are going to increase in price again.

The diminutive frog-shaped bars are set for a price increase of 20%, according to food conglomerate Mondelez (which owns Cadbury).

First Toblerones, now this! And they’re both owned by the same company, by the way.

Freddo Main Body

Et tu, Freddo?

According to The Guardian, the move was a “last resort” by the company, which has made $548 million profit in its last three-month financial period.  

The same company that owns Freddo also owns Oreos and Milka chocolate, so just pray they don’t get messed with too.

Will this madness never cease?

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