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20th Aug 2018

Dangerous Gang ‘Targeting And Isolating’ Drunk Women At Irish Nightclubs

Darragh Berry

Gardaí are said to be on “high alert” due to fears of a gang who are allegedly “targeting and isolating” drunk women as they come out of Irish nightclubs.

A main suspect has been identified by Gardaí and it has been revealed he was previously acquitted of rape.

It is alleged that the man in question and is friends drive around in a grey, Kilkenny reg Audi.

In the last few weeks, there has been reports about the gang in Waterford while Gardaí have said that they are “active” in Carlow and other parts of the southeast too.

A source told the Mail on Sunday that the gang had now become a real concern.

“He and his friends go to clubs and pubs where they target drunk young women, try to isolate them and take them away.

“This is deliberate targeting and isolating drunk women and claiming consent.”