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09th Aug 2018

PIC: Gardaí Stop Car For No Tax But Make Much Bigger Discovery In The Back

Darragh Berry

Gardaí got a lot more than they bargained for on Thursday evening when they pulled over a car with UK reg plates.

The car was stopped because it had no insurance or no tax but Gardaí made a much bigger discovery when they checked the rest of the vehicle.

They revealed on their Twitter page that the car also had 100,000 illegal cigarettes in its possession.

Gardaí came across it by complete accident.

Court is to follow for this driver for breaking road traffic offenses as well as customs and excise offences

Gardaí said in a tweet that:

“DMR Commercial Vehicle Unit. UK vehicle seized for no insurance and tax.

Search of the vehicle found 100K illegal cigarettes – also seized. Court to follow for Road Traffic and Excise offences. No butts!!”

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