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24th Jan 2017

Girl Guides Ireland Has Changed Its Policy To Accept Transgender Girls


An organisation some of you may already be familiar with already, Girl Guides Ireland, has announced that it is getting ready to welcome transgender girls to its ranks.

Transgender children who are male on their birth cert but who identify as female will now be allowed to join the Irish Girl Guides.

According to The Journal, The decision was made after a similar decision was made by Girlguiding UK last week. The policy now states that anyone who lives their life as a female is welcome to join.

Jenny Gannon, who is on the executive board of Girl Guides Ireland, said:

“Guiding and scouting around the world, and I suppose guiding from the girls’ point of view, is very much about breaking the barriers of stereotypical roles and stereotypical ideas of what a girl is.”

“It is about encouraging our members to go out and live the life that they want to live, whatever that may be.”

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