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07th Dec 2017

Have You Updated Your Details With Irish Water? If Not You Probably Should


If you haven’t checked that the details you gave to Irish Water are still correct, you might want to, because the company is planning to send out thousands of text messages and emails to its customers regarding refunds. 

Irish Water has identified 19,000 customers who need to update or give more details to ensure that they receive their refund, according to The Journal

Anyone who has moved house since registering and not updated their details is being urged to log into their ‘My Water’ account to do so, in order to make sure they receive a refund. 

The water service is planning to send out more than 100,000 emails and 30,000 texts to customers to make sure the refunding process goes as smoothly as possible. 

An email will be sent to each customer who has previously registered for Irish Water’s Online Account Management. 

Irish Water said they will have 90% of refunds processed by Christmas, as long as customers confirm their details. 

Customers should call 1850 448 448 to update their details if necessary.

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