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19th Jan 2018

Could This Vaccine Be The PERMANENT Solution To Your Hay Fever Problem?

Darragh Berry

Everyone gets excited when April and May come around. The start of the summer means better weather and longer days.

But, if you have hay fever, it also means the start of HELL. 

If you do suffer from hay fever, you best get stocking up on those anti-histamines and enjoy your last few clear breaths of fresh air before your nose, eyes and throat all turn against you.

However, The Telegraph is suggesting that people with hay fever will no longer have to sniffle and sneeze their way through the summer. 

A study is stating the a vaccine to end everyone’s hay fever problems is just three years away according to experts.

“The jab contains a synthetic version of grass pollen which, when injected small amounts, helps people build up a resistance rather than an allergic reaction.”

When tested, it was found that the jab could reduce the symptoms of hay fever by 25%.  

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna feel the vaccine could finally cure sufferers once and for all and expect it to be available by 2021. 

Dr Rudolf Valenta, who led the vaccine development, said: “In the last study, still unpublished, we reach up to 60 per cent for certain patients after one year treatment.

“It is likely that we can make them symptom-free after longer treatment. The planned schedule is five preseasonal injections before the pollen season of the first year and one daily refreshment every year.”

Hay fever sufferers of Ireland, fingers, toes and legs crossed that this vaccine works and hits our shelves pronto. 

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