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03rd Jul 2017

Here’s How Six In Ten Irish People Are Losing Out On Hundreds Of Euro Each Year


More than half of Irish people are missing out on some seriously easy money as it appears that only four out of ten of us don’t apply for medical expense refunds – amounting to hundreds of euro each year. 

The vast majority of health costs, from trips to the dentist to mole mapping, can be reclaimed – but, according to the Irish Independent, whopping 56% of Irish people are not claiming the cash back. 

These refunds are simple to collect and claim and may prove extremely beneficial – as the average yearly claim amounts to €345.

The exact amount that can be claimed back may vary due to the treatment itself, but will promise a 20% refund on offer. 

Speaking to the Irish Independent, senior tax manager at, Barry Flanagan said: 

“It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that the vast majority of our survey respondents would have visited a doctor or a dentist in the last four years. Yet just four in 10 of them applied for a tax refund on the costs incurred.”

“Why is this? Thousands of euro of medical and non-routine dental expense refunds, while probably the most widely known of all tax refunds, still go unclaimed every year.”

“The reasons for this are varied but feedback from clients suggests that one reason is that they believe the process is too complex and time-consuming.”

“I can understand why people might think this – anything to do with tax and form filling tends to make people’s eyes glaze over, but in reality this is one of the most straightforward things you’ll ever do in terms of ‘personal admin’ – easier than shopping online I would say.”

Flanagan went on to recommend that all medical expenses should be put aside for claiming back again someday to further ease the process. 

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