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05th Nov 2017

Here’s Why Irish People Will More Than Likely Be Safe If World War III Breaks Out


North Korea, Donald Trump’s mad Tweets, and the general instability across the globe – the idea of World War III breaking out doesn’t seem all that ludicrous anymore. 

Luckily for Irish people, we’ll more than likely be safe and sound on our little island.

The i100 has taken data from Global Peace Index 2017 to work out the countries that would be the safest places to live in if all hell breaks loose. And guess what? 

Ireland has made the top ten.

“Ireland practises military neutrality, and has been internationally neutral since the 1930s. If WW3 does break, it will probably keep that neutrality.”

If you’re not keen on spending your days here, nine other countries made the safe list.

9. Switzerland

8. Slovenia

7. Fiji 

6. Denmark

5. Austria 

4. Portugal 

3. New Zealand 

2. Canada 

1. Iceland 

We’ll never complain about Ireland being boring again.

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