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Here’s How Much Money Irish People Will Spend On Taxis And Takeaways Over Christmas

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Now that the festive season is in full swing, we’re all spending a lot more than we usually would on nights out – and don’t even get us started on shopping for Christmas presents.

A new survey has added up the average amount that Irish people will be spending on taxis, eating out and takeaways over the Christmas period and – not too surprisingly – it’s a fair whack.

The average person will be spending €267 on food and going out this month, it’s been revealed.

An overwhelming majority (82%) expected to spend up to €60 just on taxis over the course of the month, with the average amount coming in at €41.

But drinking and eating out for dinner is where the most money tends to be spent, with the average person spending €180.

But even when we’re at home it seems that we’re cooking less, with takeaways also making up a fair portion of people’s spending at €46.

As well as that, the iReach Consumer Omnibus Survey found that almost everyone breaks their own budget when it comes to buying presents.

A third of people spend more than they originally planned to when picking out gifts despite the fact that 31% insisted they would be sticking to their strict budgets.

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