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09th Jan 2018

Human Excrement & Dead Spiders Cause Closure Of Irish Food Businesses Last Month


Seven food businesses in Ireland received closure orders for various reasons including dirty conditions and cockroach infestations on the food premises in December.

Some premises ordered to close after being examined by environmental health officers included Boojum Food Stall in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Ruposhi Indian Restaurant in Drumcondra and Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant in Douglas, Cork. 

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) published the closure enforcement notices on their website.

The closure order for Athboy Pizza’s, which is located on Main Street Athboy in Meath, detailed that there was a blockage in the sewage pipe of the staff toilet at the time of inspection. 

It was established that the blockage extended from the toilet to the waste water outlets servicing the kitchen sinks. 

The report stated: “The toilet bowl was full of human excrement.”

“When taps were turned throughout the food business, the human excrement was observed bubbling up through the toilet bowl. The staff toilet opens directly into a food preparation room.”

Ruposhse was forced to close down after a cockroach infestation was discovered on the premises.

Cobwebs and dead spiders were among the reasons the FSAI issued for the closure of Tigh Giblin in Galway.

The closure report stated: “All areas of the premises where foodstuffs were stored, handled, prepared and cooked were observed to be in a dirty condition.”

“The wall in the dry good store area was black with dirt.”

The report also stated: “Cobwebs and dead spiders were evident in the dry goods store.”

Boojum’s enforcement order was issued on the grounds that there was no running hot or cold water in the stall and that raw food and ready-to-go foods were prepared on premises and could be a risk.

The seven food businesses that were ordered by the FSAI to close in December are as follows:

1. Ruposhe Indian Restaurant ,1 Whitworth Road Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

2. Tigh Giblin, Bruach Na Habhainn Spiddal, Galway.

3. Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant, 1 Church Street, Douglas, Cork.

4. Cartons Daybreak, Clonhenritt Camolin, Wexford.

5. Athboy Pizza’s, Main Street Athboy, Meath.

6. China Town, Main Street Castlebellingham, Louth.

7. Boojum Food Stall, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

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