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01st Nov 2022

Instagram apologise as thousands of users are locked out of their accounts

Katy Thornton

Millions of people have reportedly been affected, with follower counts dropping.

Instagram has said it is looking into why thousands of users have suddenly had their accounts suspended.

Users around the world are complaining on Twitter that they’ve been locked out of their Instagram profiles and have been receiving messages saying their accounts have been suspended.

Those affected are being told they have 30 days to disagree with their suspension.

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Instagram has said: “We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account.

“We’re looking into it and apologise for the inconvenience.”

Tens of thousands of people have logged problems with Instagram, according to the website Down Detector.

Problems began at 12.45pm on Monday and since then, more than 3,000 complaints have been made to the global outage site.

Of those, 58% are having problems with the app, 38% are facing login issues and 4% have run into problems with the website.

The Verge reports that millions of people seem to have been affected, with follower counts dropping on some of Instagram’s biggest accounts.

People have also reported being unable to appeal the social media platform’s decision, resulting in their accounts being logged out and their details – including email and password – not being found.

According to their policy, Instagram may choose to disable certain accounts which “violate community guidelines.”

Content that can fall under this includes illegal, bullying, hate speech or abuse, spam, or violating intellectual property.

The hashtag #InstagramDown is trending on Twitter.

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