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07th Nov 2018

Ireland Could Be About To Face A Serious ‘Indian Summer’ If The UK’s Weather Forecast Is Anything To Go By

Darragh Berry

You’re probably reading this still absolutely drenched from the rain that burst opened from the heavens this morning.

But, a change could be on the way.

Sun, there’s talks of us getting fecking sun in the middle of November.

Snow in March, sun in November, you literally can’t afford to pack away the shorts or the water bottle at any time of the year.

According to the Met Office’s 30-day forecast, which is normally fairly accurate, the UK and Ireland by the looks of things are set for an Indian Summer.

The main image shows temperatures rising in what is known as the ‘St. Martin’s Summer’.

This has occurred in 66% of the years since the Met Office started records and it occurs between the 15th and 21st, peaking on the 18th.

Temperatures are expected to surge to about 6-8 degrees above the average for this time of year.

Met Éireann doesn’t give forecasts for that far in advance but for the moment, it’s saying that on Monday, there will be “fresh and breezy with showers again in the west but dry and bright over the eastern side of Ireland. Highs of 9 to 11 degrees in fresh southwesterly winds.”

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