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Ireland Is Set To Open An Irish Embassy In New Zealand

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President Michael D. Higgins is currently travelling around New Zealand and has announced the exciting news that an Irish embassy will be opening up in the island country soon.

President Higgins revealed the news as he began his state visit to the islands yesterday alongside his wife, Sabina.

A statement was released from the President’s office that said, “the decision to establish an embassy reflects an exceptionally close partnership between Ireland and New Zealand in international affairs, including at the United Nations.”

It was also announced that New Zealand are planning to open an embassy in Ireland as well.

President Higgins will visit Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Waitangi while in New Zealand and will meet with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern today.

New Zealand has a high population of Irish people with up to one in six claiming to be of Irish descent – so the news of an embassy opening is great news for any Irish locals.

Meanwhile, one Reddit user who is married to an Irish woman was ecstatic to meet Higgins at his workplace yesterday because “my in-laws would get a kick out of it if I got a picture with him.”

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