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15th Nov 2018

WATCH: The Rendition Of ‘God Save The Queen’ Did Not Go Down Well At The Aviva This Evening

James Fenton

There is a massive Garda presence in and around the Aviva Stadium in Dublin this evening as the Republic Of Ireland hosts Northern Ireland in an international friendly.

While the threat level for the match is generally regarded as low, authorities aren’t taking any chances with one RTÉ reporter describing the Garda presence as ‘ferocious’.

While major incidents not expected to take place, the night hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts for those who are looking for a peaceful evening. According to numerous sources, loud boos and jeers rang around the stadium when the away anthem of God Save The Queen began playing.

Off The Ball’s Shane Hannon managed the capture the moment on video while others shared their thoughts…

Let’s hope that that’s the extent of the tensions and the night is remembered for a good game of football. Although given the recent form of both sides, we won’t hold our breath.

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