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30th Nov 2020

Ireland now has the second-lowest 14-day COVID incidence rate in the EU

Rory Cashin

The 14-day incidence rate has dramatically fallen in the last month.

According to the most recent publishings by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC), Ireland now has the second-lowest 14-day COVID incidence rate in all of the EU.

This rate is an integral part to the Traffic Light system used for travel across the EU, with Ireland still currently one of only three countries in the Orange section.

Previously, on November 5, Ireland’s rate was 220.1 per 100,000, while two weeks later, on November 19, it had dropped to 113.7. At the time of writing, Ireland’s 14-day incidence rate had dropped to 90.0 per 100,000, behind only Iceland.

The lowest incidence rates in the EU right now are:

  • Iceland – 51.8
  • Ireland – 90.0
  • Finland – 94.3
  • Norway – 141.2
  • Greece – 284.6

And on the other end of the scale, the five highest incidence rates in the EU at the time of writing are:

  • Luxembourg – 1218.1
  • Croatia – 1026.7
  • Slovenia – 967.9
  • Lithuania – 959.3
  • Austria – 858.6

Additionally, as per the Irish government’s publications on most recent findings, Ireland’s positivity rate over the last seven days has dropped to 2.7%.

To drop to the Green section of the Traffic Light system, Ireland’s positivity rate needs to stay below 4%, coupled with an incidence rate of below 25 per 100,000.

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