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03rd Dec 2018

PIC: Ireland’s Population Is Going To Be Scarily Massive In 2050

Darragh Berry

Factmaps has released a projected map of what the population in each country is going to be by 2050.

Ireland is going to jump by a massive 33% which is five times the increase that our neighbours will see.

Population Ireland Pic

A recent report by the Economic and Social Research Institute warned people that the gap between Dublin and the rest of the country will continue to increase if current trends continue.

This would mean additional housing and more travel demand along with longer commutes in the capital.

They state that by the year 2040 – if things keep going the way they are – the population in Dublin and the mid-east region will grow from 1.91m to 2.35m.

Instead, they are encouraging the idea of regional development in a small number of large urban centres around Dublin.

Dublin is projected to have the highest growth in number of jobs available but the report warns that growth should be split equally stating that equality would relieve pressure in the Dublin region.

The ERSI state that “the mission of the Economic and Social Research Institute is to advance evidence based policy making that supports economic sustainability and social progress in Ireland.

“ESRI researchers apply the highest standards of academic excellence to challenges facing policymakers, focusing on 12 areas of critical importance to 21st Century Ireland.”

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