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23rd Dec 2022

Ireland reportedly has the highest life expectancy in the EU

Katy Thornton

ireland life expectancy

Colour us surprised.

In a possibly shocking turn of events, Ireland has the highest life expectancy of all countries in the EU. In a recent report called The Health in Ireland: Key Trends in 2022, put together by the Department of Health, Ireland’s average life expectancy is 82 years.

Not only that, but Ireland’s health expectancy is increasing. Women’s life expectancy is currently at 84 years, while men’s life expectancy sits at 81 years.

According to the figures, Sweden, Spain, and Cyprus come in joint second place when it comes to the highest life expectancy in the EU. Countries with the lowest life expectancy include Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria.

There are many factors behind Ireland’s high life expectancy; between 2020 and 2021, the HSE staff numbers grew considerably, with 1,700 more nurses, and 350 more doctors.

The report found age-standardised mortality rates here have declined for all causes over the past decade by 15.8%.

According to RTÉ News, “the number of people reporting a chronic illness or health problem is also better than the EU average, at around 29% of the population.”

You can read the whole report HERE that fully depicts the data.

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