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19th Dec 2018

PIC: World Famous Actress Warns Ireland About “Cult That Is Scientology”

Darragh Berry

You may have missed Prime Time’s documentary on Tuesday night about Scientology in Ireland.

The documentary went into great detail about how scientology is pumping millions into Ireland and why we should be concerned as a nation.

It caught the attention of World Famous Actress, Leah Remini who gave Ireland a stiff warning about the religion and its beliefs.

“You should be concerned Ireland. Protect your family and friends from the Cult that is Scientology,” she said in a tweet.

Remini knows what she’s talking about because she was once a member of its church but left in 2013.

She had been enrolled in the religion since she was nine.

She wanted to ask questions of the church leader but Scientology policies stopped her from doing so which she believed was “corrupt”.

She has starred in various programmes since the 1990s including Friends, Saved By The Bell and Cheers.

However, she’s most famous for her role as Carrie in King Of Queens.

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