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16th Oct 2018

Noo – Ireland Could Be About To Lose One Of Its Most Used Services Ever

Darragh Berry

Nearly anyone born in the early 2000s or before will remember this being perched somewhere in the house.

Believe it or not, before the time of google and phones where numbers were saved in, people actually had to search for the numbers of neighbours, friends and businesses using a massive phone book.

The directory had every number in every corner of Ireland listed in alphabetical order and was a life saver.

But, it looks like it could become a thing of the past.

According to RTÉ, “the telecoms regulator has proposed that from next year the printed directory will only be made available on request.”

There is an online phone book available for anyone who wants it but it just won’t be the same.

In 2013, it was announced that more than a million Irish homes could opt out of having the phone books delivered to their doorsteps.

Eir stated that while the book remained popular at the time, they decided to listen to feedback and give people the choice.

They said back then that:

“About 1.5 million – currently all homes in Republic of Ireland – receive a hard copy of the telephone directory. Our most recent research suggests that most homes do actively use the telephone directory when they wish to look up a number,” said an Eircom spokeswoman.

“However, from this year on, customers will have the option to opt out from receipt of a hard copy of the telephone directory with the option to opt in again at any future date.”

More information is available online at

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