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30th Jun 2021

Irish Blood Transfusion Service importing blood from UK due to blood shortage here

Fiona Frawley

The IBTS (Irish Blood Transfusion Service) has imported its first bulk consignment from the UK since the 1990s, due to shortages here.

Over 100 units of negative blood groups – O negative, A negative and B negative – are to be collected from the NHS Blood and Transplant in Manchester today.

The IBTS has on occasion imported a small number of units, but not in bulk for a significant amount of time. The service needs to collect 3,000 units of blood every week in order to maintain the national supply.

In addition to this import from the NHS, the IBTS is looking for public support in order to maintain supply over the coming months. Currently, only 3% of the population are blood donors, and approx. 9% of these are O negative. As this blood can be transfused to patients of all blood groups, it’s in frequent demand.

If you’re interested in becoming a blood donor, you can go to the IBTS website to find out how to give blood safely, as well as information on the Covid-19 measures in place.

Header image via Shutterstock