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10th Jan 2017

Irish Motorists Are Being Warned to Reduce Speed As Temperatures Drop To Below -5C


As the country is bracing itself for an Arctic blast, one which could bring snow, Met Éireann forecasters are warning motorists to be extremely vigilant on country roads. 

Ice and freezing temperatures are the forecast for the week as a polar front from Iceland settles over the country. 

Met Éireann forecaster Deirdre Lowe told that the front from Iceland would bring hail, sleet and snow showers to the north and north-west by tomorrow night that would see overnight temperatures plummet to as low as -5C in some areas.

As well as cold, ice and adverse weather conditions, significant snowfalls are expected in all parts of the country, particularly in the north and north-west.

Dublin City Council, which came under fire for being unprepared to deal with adverse conditions during the cold snap back in 2010, was unable to say what contingency plans it had in place for this week’s forecast. 

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