Irish People In The UK Will Not Be Exempt From Plan To Get Rid Of Foreign Workers

Amber Rudd's terrifying speech was indeed directed towards Irish workers too

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As was announced yesterday, the British Government will, in due time, be forcing companies to make a list of all of their foreign workers in a bid to shame firms that turn down UK citizens, or chose foreign nationals over their own.

A further update of this, coming from The Home Office of The United Kingdom has confirmed that Irish workers working and living in the UK will not be exempt from these plans. 

Home Secretary Amber Rudd floated the controversial idea, during this year's Conservative Party Convention that businesses and schools would be required to compile lists on the nationality of their employees, in an effort to put some sort of control on immigration into Great Britain, and prevent non UK citizens from taking the jobs that British people can do.

The speech sparked serious criticism, with the Labour Party stating it would “fan the flames of xenophobia and hatred in our communities”.

Having been likened to Hitler's Mein Kampf, this speech sent an unparalleled wave of fear into families and friends of foreign-nationals in the UK.

The Journal reached out to the UK Home Office, which confirmed that this proposal would, at first, apply to non-EU foreign-nationals before comprehensively including all non-British workers making a living in the United Kingdom.

Which, yes, means that the Irish abroad may be named and shamed, in a careless fashion, very shortly. 

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