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05th Nov 2018

Irish People Living In Australia Are Being Offered Free Flights Home By This Company

Kiara Keane

If you’ve been thinking about moving back home from Oz recently, then this might be the perfect opportunity to do just that without having to pay for expensive flights.

An Irish recruitment firm is offering Irish expats based in Australia free flights to Ireland for anyone who secures a job back home through them.

FRS Recruitment is trying to encourage more people to relocate back home and they’ll be promoting this new incentive on an upcoming roadshow taking place in several cities around Australia.

The Ireland Is Hiring roadshow will be coming to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from this Thursday to Tuesday, November 13.

And while it sounds almost too good to be true, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of catch, provided you work in one of the industries they’re hiring in.

A spokesperson told The Sun, “The flights deal will be offered to anyone who successfully secures a job through FRS Recruitment.

“While the offer extends to all sectors, FRS will be targeting personnel who wish to work in the construction, IT, healthcare, medical device/ pharmaceutical and financial sectors during the roadshow, in light of particular demand for qualified staff across these industries.”

The firm’s General Manager Colin Donnery added, “Companies in Ireland are increasingly looking further afield to find people to fill important roles.

“For these companies it is not just about filling the vacancy, it is about finding the right candidate that meets their needs.

“During the recession a lot of qualified, educated people left these shores to seek out opportunities that simply were no longer available in Ireland.”

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