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27th Nov 2017

Irish People’s Dream Holiday Destination Has Been Revealed


If the cold weather is getting you down and you’re dreaming of jetting off somewhere sunny – you’re not alone. 

Cassidy Travel surveyed 3,000 men and women to find out what their dream holiday would look like and for women it involved chilling in a Range Rover with Liam Neeson and sipping mojitos in the Caribbean.

While men agreed on the Caribbean being the ideal holiday spot, they would prefer to drive a Lamborghini or Aston Martin alongside Scarlett Johansson.

The survey also revealed the last person we’d want to sit beside on the flight home – for men it was none other than our own singing twins, Jedward and for women, it was Donald Trump.

So there you have it – get planning your trip to Caribbean before everyone beats you to it! 

You never know, you might convince Liam or Scarlett to go with you. 

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