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18th Jun 2018

Irish Passenger Had The Most Disgusting Thing Happen To Him On Flight To Spain

Darragh Berry

Drinking before flights has become a big topic of discussion in the last few days.

Ryanair is currently “begging airports to restrict the sale of drink after disorderly passengers caused a flight Diversion”

The diversion took place on a flight to Ibiza where allegedly “drunk and disorderly Irish passengers” caused havoc.

However, one of the lads involved who was allegedly involved in the altercation with cabin crew, said that Ryanair is spreading “fake news” and that this is what actually happened.

And now it seems another flight to Spain from Ireland was dominated by drunken behaviour, as this passenger revealed on Liveline today.

Speaking on the RTÉ Radio programme, Conor Lydon described how his family holiday to Malaga from Cork turned sour extremely quickly as he got involved with a disgusting incident with a fellow male passenger who was intoxicated.

The man in question, vomited all over Conor while the plane was in mid-air…

“This passenger tried to bring two glasses of vodka and mixer onto the plane and he was told he wasn’t allowed bring them on by the staff at the gate but he was allowed to just knock them back there and then.

“There was a big delay before boarding and this particular passenger was very disruptive, he was shouting and kind of intimidating other passengers. There were a lot of other passengers who complained.

“I didn’t have a change of clothes because they take your bag off you now, it was in the hold. So I just kind of had to sit there for the next two hours on the flight just like that.”

Absolutely vile.

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