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09th Feb 2023

Irish Rail looking to install vending machines on-board their trains

Katy Thornton

Irish Rail looking to install vending machines on-board

What a year for train travel.

According to RTÉ News, Irish Rail are considering installing vending machines on their services in 2023. While this could completely eradicate the chance of having an encounter like the Derry girls have with Michael Fry’s character in Season 3 (which, let’s be real, is only funny because it’s Michael Fry), it also means you’ll not have fight over procuring a KitKat either. Unless it gets stuck of course, but we’ll cross that bridge (or shake that vending machine) when we come to it.

While they are only in very early discussions about including vending machines on their train services, Irish Rail are looking to bring back catering in a big way in 2023. Only last week they announced the return of their trolley service, the likes of which we haven’t seen since before the pandemic.

Speaking to Today FM, Irish Rail’s Barry Kenny said:

“Well, we’ve been working with suppliers in the market around catering.

“We’re very hopeful we’ll be able to confirm shortly a partial return of catering services.

“Just getting to the end of that process, it’s something we’re very anxious to return as we know our customers are.

“We will be hoping to have trolley services back in the relatively near future and hope to announce that shortly.”

With a bitta luck, the cups of tea and miniature bottles of wine could be back in time for staycation season. Coupled with a vending machine, and your travel snacking will be sorted no matter the length of your journey.

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