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24th Oct 2018

Images Allegedly Show Married N. Irish Soccer Player Sending “Penis Snaps” To 22-Year-Old Girl

Darragh Berry

The Scottish Sun has revealed that a Northern Ireland soccer international was allegedly sending naked pictures to a 22-year-old girl over Snapchat.

The player, who also plays in the Scottish league, was allegedly caught sending these pictures just weeks after his wife had given birth.

The pictures – which are available on The Sun‘s website – apparently contained explicit images of his manhood.

He told the woman in question that he was “sorry” after she said it was a bit too much.

However following that, the soccer player then asked for a picture of the girl’s “cheeky little body” and wondered if she needed a “spooning partner”.

The pictures were sent at the start of October but the player in question has denied the accusations, saying that he has been the victim of frauds who are using his images inappropriately.

“I don’t have Snapchat. I can’t explain it. Honestly it’s not me. It could be an old picture of me,” he said before adding that they were old pictures.

The woman, with the help of one of her friends, caught the pictures on another phone in order to capture the x-rated snaps but avoid notifying the player that his photos were screenshotted.

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