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04th Oct 2022

Irish Water investigates “earthy” water reports in Dublin and Wicklow

Katy Thornton

irish water earthy

Has your water been tasting earthy lately?

Following a string of complaints that the water in the Dublin and Wicklow area has been tasting “earthy” lately, Irish Water is stepping in to check it out.

According to The Journal:

Irish Water has said it is investigating reports from some customers in Dublin and Wicklow of an ‘earthy’ taste and smell in their drinking water.”

Councillor Donna Cooney tweeted this after she received “complaints of an earth musky odor and taste from drinking water in the Clontarf area.”

She provided a list on Twitter of all the places she reported were having issues to Irish Water. The list consisted of Kincora Road, Vernon Avenue, Vernon Gardens, Howth Road, Killester, Seapark Drive, and more.

The Journal reports that: “Irish Water said the drinking water produced at the plant receives full chlorination and Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection, meaning it does not contain any harmful bacteria, viruses, or protozoa.”

Irish Water found the source water could be behind the earthy taste, and that while this can be “unpleasant” it is harmless.

Regional Asset Operations Lead at Irish Water, Kevin Love, said this of the investigation:

The water produced at the plant is tested daily in conjunction with extensive monitoring in the distribution network and additional sampling and analysis is underway to establish the root cause of the change in taste and smell.

“We will continue to keep the situation under close review until normal drinking water supply is restored. We regret any inconvenience caused.”

You can check out if you have any concerns about the smell or taste of your water.

Header image via Sasikan Ulevik on Unsplash

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