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29th May 2023

Ireland expected to be hotter than Spain this week and into Bank Holiday weekend

Fiona Frawley

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There won’t be a bottle of factor 50 left in the country.

Temperatures are set to reach as high as 25 degrees in Ireland this week and into the Bank Holiday weekend.

The hottest days this week are expected to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with temperatures reaching the mid-20s.

The east of the country will be the coolest with temperatures staying in the mid-to-late teens.

If you’re in the midlands or the west of Ireland, you’re in for a treat because those areas will be the warmest.

According to Met Éireann, today will be the mildest day of the week, reaching between 12 and 22 degrees.

Luckily, this dry and sunny weather will continue into the June Bank Holiday weekend where we’ll experience temperatures of up to 25 degrees.

Met Éireann’s Conall Ruth told the Irish Independent that the temperatures we are seeing this week “are a few degrees above average for this time of year”.

He said: “There’s no sign of rain during the working week. And in all likelihood, it looks like it will be dry into the long weekend.

“But we couldn’t rule out some showers. However, early indications are that it will stay, in general, dry and settled for the bank holiday.”

Overnight temperatures are expected to be between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius all week and into the weekend.

When you’re enjoying the beautiful weather this week, make sure to put on plenty of sun cream.

Don’t fall into the trap of “it’s only the Irish sun”. No – the sun is the sun.

It will damage your skin no matter where in the world you are but thankfully, we can take steps to protect ourselves.

Add suncream to your morning skincare routine and top it up during the day. Make sure to bring some SPF with you when you’re on the go too.

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