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01st Oct 2018

PIC: Kerry Newspaper Forced To Apologise For Racist Joke That Was Printed

Darragh Berry

Kerry Newspaper, Tralee Advertiser have been forced to apologise for a joke that featured in their newspaper on Friday.

A spokesperson on their Facebook page said that:

“We regularly receive contributions from the public towards our ‘It’s only a Joke’ page, which is one of the most popular pages in our magazine.

“We regret that, in last Friday’s edition, we published in error one of our readers contributions.

“This joke was not intended to be included in our magazine as we deemed it to be of an offensive nature.

“We apologise for it’s inclusion. We know that our ‘it’s only a joke’ page is read by both young and old and endeavor to ensure that content on this page will continue to do what a good joke does, which is to make us laugh, not to be offensive.

“We will also acknowledge this in next week’s issue.”

The joke in question was about a “black jewish boy” who asked his father a question about purchasing a bike.

People were furious in the comments and one stated that there was “no place in this town, in any publication for ‘jokes’ like this.”

“Tralee is a multicultural town, we all try to live in harmony.

“We have made great strides over the years to work towards integration and inclusion.

“I am very disappointed and disheartened that such a “joke” would appear in your publication. I am delighted to see so many people are appalled by the content. We are bigger than this. The majority of us embrace our diverse community.”

“This isn’t just a once off. You need…. someone to acknowledge that your ‘sense of humour’ is actually quite offensive.”

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