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17th Jan 2022

Kildare café finds outdoor seating area destroyed this morning

Katy Thornton

rye river cafe in kildare with its outdoor seating damaged

Staff of Rye River Café in Kildare arrived into work this morning to find their outdoor space destroyed.

Kildare café Rye River came across a “lovely surprise” this morning when they discovered their outdoor seating area demolished. They shared this photo with their Instagram followers, appealing to the public for any knowledge on what happened.

Their caption states:

Always a lovely surprise to turn up to work on a Monday morning to find our outdoor seating area destroyed. If you have any information please let us know.”

Rye River café opened as usual today despite the damage done to the outside seating. If you saw anything, or have any relevant information, you can get in touch with the café through their Instagram.

Rye River is an award winning café based in Kilcock, Kildare and opens 9am to 5pm.

We hope they are able to get some answers and their space repaired soon.

Header image via Instagram/ryerivercafe

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