You can actually light a virtual candle for someone in Knock (and who knew)

By Katy Thornton

March 23, 2022 at 3:44pm


Sure you'll all be passing your exams and such with this.

The sacred act of lighting a candle for someone for good luck has always been something that's filled us with hope. Just knowing your granny's friend's sister has lit a candle for you can go a long way in calming your nerves ahead of exams, or a job interview, or a presentation. Well it would appear Knock is taking this age old tradition into the modern day by creating a space to light a virtual candle, for when you simply don't have a candle or match available to you.

Daniel (@Danielobo148) took to Twitter to express his amazement at such technology, saying:

"My Mum's friend lit a virtual candle for me today. We're all in 2022 but Knock is in the year 3000."

Is there anything technology can't do?


Sure there's no way Daniel won't pass his exam now. Lighting a candle for someone has been forever revolutionised.

Where will technology go next? One Twitter user responded to Daniel with some thoughts.

If you're looking to light a candle for someone, you can do so virtually HERE.

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