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23rd Jan 2021

Late Late Show viewers hear Jeni Pim’s story of husband dying following covid diagnosis

Rory Cashin

‘I’m fed up with covid as well, it’s killed my soulmate.’

One of the first guests to join Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show on Friday night (January 22) was Jeni Pim, who came on the programme to discuss the recent loss of her husband.

Jeni’s husband Nigel was 50 years of age when he passed away on January 14, and was cremated on January 16.

Jeni tells Ryan that Nigel took every precaution before falling ill some time between Christmas and New Year’s, and she insisted he go into the hospital due to his persistent cough.

She told Ryan the following during the highly emotional interview:

“Even though you knew they were sick, you expected to see them again and hold their hand. They said ‘It is catastrophic, there is nothing we can do but if you and your kids would like to be with him when we turn off the ventilator, we will help you do that’.”

“I still expect him to turn around in the kitchen and say ‘Jen, would you like a cup of tea?'”

When asked by Ryan what she would say to people who are getting fed up with living with covid, Jeni said:

“I am fed up with it, it has killed my soulmate. I wish it would go away. I don’t want anyone else I know or love to have it. Even if Nigel had survived, it is a long road to recovery.”

Jeni’s full conversation with Ryan can be found on the RTE Player.

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