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07th May 2020

Leaving Cert set to be cancelled with points awarded based on classwork

James Fenton

The 2020 Leaving Cert is set to be cancelled with points based on classwork and previous assessments to be awarded instead.

The Irish Times is reporting this evening that the Leaving Cert will be cancelled and replaced with a ‘plan B’ in which points or will be awarded based on students’ classwork.

Speaking in the Dáil earlier today, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that he hoped to resolve the ongoing Leaving Cert situation by the end of this week. The plans Department of Education the new plans are due to be brought to Cabinet on Friday.

If they are accepted, grades will be ‘based on a combination of  class rankings and performance in previous exams and assessments.’ Groups of teachers will award the provisional grades ‘in a process that is overseen by school principals and senior management.’

Last month, it was announced that the Junior Cert will be abandoned in favour of school-based assessments.