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09th Oct 2018

Lidl Is Removing All Non-Recyclable Black Plastic From Fruit And Veg Packaging

Kiara Keane

Lidl has announced it will cut down hugely on its annual waste by removing black plastic packaging from its fruit and veg in all stores across Ireland.

As well as that, the supermarket chain will also be eliminating all single-use plastic items like plastic cutlery and disposable plates from today. These will be replaced with biodegradable options instead.

Removing the packaging from its fruit and veg alone will save over 65 tonnes of black plastic waste which cannot be recycled.

The plans will be put into place by Christmas and will be followed by the removal of black plastic packaging from its fresh fish by February 2019 and from its fresh and cured meat by August.

Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland managing director JP Scally said, “These are significant steps.

“Sustainability is core to our business and we are proud to continue leading the retail sector in implementing ambitious measures which will deliver real and lasting benefits for everyone.”

The news comes just after the world’s leading climate experts released a terrifying report confirming that the effects of climate change will be much worse than previously thought.

The report predicted that serious side effects would be seen by 2040 if people don’t take serious steps to combat it – with risks including more extreme weather events and food shortages.

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