Local fisherman spots submarine just off Rathlin island

By Katy Thornton

February 13, 2023 at 4:17pm


Spooky vibes.


Twitter user Shaun McClenaghan (@shaunmc) took to the social media platform with a photo he snapped of what appears to be a submarine just North of Rathlin Island. While it's almost impossible to identify the submarine from the image, a few fellow Twitter users believe it was of the British Astute fleet.

This story reminds of us when a father and daughter duo spotted a submarine off the coast of Donegal while out for a walk back in September. Cavan man Ryan Nolan told The Independent at the time that his daughter Lena had seen it just above the water, describing it to look like "a ghost ship."

Sure enough when Nolan looked up he could see it too. He told The Independent:


"I'd say I watched it for about ten minutes before it disappeared behind the land. It was a very eerie thing to watch."

Nolan's reports later matched that of another person who had been on the beach that same day.

This came during a time when there were reports that Russian warships and other vessels are operating off the Irish coast. While NATO have nothing running currently in that area, and nothing was picked up by the Marine Traffic website, there had also been reports of Russian warships off the coast of Cork.

Header image via Twitter/shaunmc

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