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06th Jul 2018

Love Island’s Megan Was In A Relationship When She Went Into The Villa It Seems

Darragh Berry

Well this got awkward, very fast.

Megan was left counting her lucky stars on Thursday night as Wes picked to ‘save her’ from elimination.

This meant that even more fire was added to the ‘who’s it going to be’ debacle between Wes and Alex who are both fighting for Megan’s love.

The same Megan who also had a fling with Eyal at the start of the series too.

Well, it seems as though she had a boyfriend upon entering the villa who was very shocked to see Megan get involved with a lad in such a serious matter.

GB canoeing star, Tommy Brady, had been dating Megan for three months according to The Sun and was her “boyfriend” when she stepped foot onto Love island.

A source told the publication that:

“He and Megan called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She told friends she was in love with him.

“It was getting serious. He even met her parents.

“When Love Island came up, he was very supportive. He said she could go for her career.

“Megan said she’d have to at least kiss. Tommy was fine with it as long as she was sensible.

“But she’s writhed under the covers with Eyal, snogged Wes Nelson and gone between the two.

“Tommy’s tuned in with friends and been left looking a fool. As far as he’s concerned, it’s over.”

We take it that romance is over then?

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