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22nd Jun 2017

Major Passport Backlog With 66,000 Applications Still Outstanding


A major backlog in passport applications at Ireland’s Passport Office means that 65,916 applications are outstanding and as of yet not processed.

Figures released to by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) shows that applications for Irish passports has increased hugely in the part year, believed mainly to be from Brexit.

The first five months of 2017 saw the largest increase with a 55% uptake of applications.

The 66,000 applications currently outstanding are all from applicants in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and were applied for online via the new passport renewals service.

The percentage breakdown of outstanding applications is:

  • Irish applicants – 43,274 (66%)
  • Northern Irish applicants – 10,288 (16%)
  • British applicants – 8,609 (13%)
  • Online renewals – 3,745 (5%)

It has not yet been confirmed if the backlog is leading to delays in people receiving their passports, however renewals usually take 14 working days while first time applicants can take a minimum of four weeks.

Online renewals take about 10 days, but all passport applicants are advised to give a time of at least six weeks to get their passport before leaving for holiday.

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