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28th Dec 2023

Fancy buying a mansion with its own private island at Dunmore Head?

Katy Thornton

It will only set you back about €10mill.

Look, we’ve all been there. We have all partaken in a little light torture which comes in the form of setting the Daft price limit to the max, and seeing what is available to purchase, if not by us, then probably some filthy rich American who is looking to find their Irish roots by buying a mansion in Ireland.

It is slightly less depressing to do this than to actually search houses or apartments that might (and that’s a big might) be in our price range one day if we ever decide to embark on the impossible task of purchasing a home in this country. We have no expectations of essentially being able to buy a private island, so there can be no disappointment at going for a browse.

Our current fantasy is this four bed mansion (four bed doesn’t seem like that many) (I say as someone who has probably never stepped foot in a mansion) overlooking Dunmore Bay and complete with, you guessed it, a private island. All you need is €9,750,000 to afford it.

During one of the torture sessions this mansion caught our eye, modern in its exterior but strangely classic, with some art decor vibes on the inside.

Daft says this of the interior design:

“The classical design of ornately decorative ceiling cornices replete with gold gilding, a well-executed cantilever stone staircase with elegantly brass coated balustrades and the incorporation of original and exquisite Bossi chimneypieces blended with clean contemporary architectural design to present a truly unique and interesting home. The effect of such design fusion and the incredible rustic West of Ireland position is intoxicating and increasingly compelling with familiarity.”

The mansion is nestled on 60 acres of land and even comes with an indoor pool, which is great for those chillier days where a trip to your private island’s beach might just be a tad too cold.

It’s hard to imagine who lived here beforehand, but the house kind of gives Cruella DeVille vibes (from 102 Dalmations) or even Nicole Kidman’s gaff from the first Paddington movie – no, I am not suggesting the previous owner was cruel to animals, but that does just happen to be what connects those two fictional characters – that and great hairstyles.

And if you’ve been worrying about what to do with your helicopter which has no doubt just been gathering dust for the last few months while you’ve been house shopping, then worry no more, because this Clare mansion comes with a helipad. Problem solved.

Hey, maybe SJP is looking for a base in the to go nicely with her Donegal abode. The actress spends Christmas there with her husband Matthew Broderick every year, perhaps they need a holiday home and a change of scenery for Easter?

All images via Daft


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