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25th Jun 2017

Marian Keyes Asked Twitter To Explain What A ‘Big Bag Of Cans’ Is And She Had SO Many Questions


It seems that Marian Keyes, author and all-round legend, has been a bit confused about the latest phrase doing the rounds of Ireland.

‘Big bag of cans with the lads’ is alll we’ve been hearing lately, with even Humans of the Sesh rightly calling the lingo the 2017 version of ‘few naggins be grand.’

But poor Marian wasn’t let in on the new can slang, so she took to Twitter in an attempt to understand just WTF a big bag of cans really was, and the results did not disappoint.

She got straight to the point…

“Irish people! A request – can anyone explain to me the nuance of ‘a bag of cans’? I’d be SO grateful, I HATE feeling left out.”

And people were quick to explain the can phenomenon 

So far so good, but Marian still had some VERY important questions to ask

Twitter had some strong opinions on just what *exactly* one should carry their cans in…

Marian’s solid questions continued: we admire her determination to the bag of cans cause

(We would ALWAYS say field or canal fyi)

And after all that? It seems that Marian is now an honourary member of the Bag O’ Cans club

We <3 you.

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