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26th Nov 2017

Mark Hamill’s Beautiful Description Of This Irish County Would Make You Proud To Be Irish

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Well, have we got heartwarming news for you.

It’s not rare for tourists to the Emerald Isle to gush about its beauty and its splendour – but who knew that our little island was such a hit with one of the world’s most recognisable stars?

Mr Mark Hamill has commented on the pure gorgeousness of County Donegal, a place he spent time in in while shooting Star Wars films. 

His words, posted on Twitter by @Sinead_od1, state:

”It’s such a beautiful country. You just have to walk outside and it’s like a matte painting from an old Hollywood film or special effects. 

It’s so beautiful. It just doesn’t look real, it’s just gorgeous. I didn’t want to leave. The people are so nice. They treated me like family. 

I don’t know what it is but there’s something very magical there. I would encourage everyone to go there. Although they probably don’t want a bunch of loud-mouthed American tourists around all the time.”

We love you too, Luke!

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