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28th Apr 2018

Possibility Of Snow In May? Next Week’s Weather Forecast Doesn’t Exactly Scream ‘Summer’

Darragh Berry

Remember that bit of sun that popped up there for a while? You do. The yellow thing in the sky, with the warmth, and the people drinking cans, and the taking off every stitch of clothes that was on them?

Did you enjoy that? Did you like it? Did ya?


It’s gone, we don’t want to say forever but definitely for the start of the summer anyway. 

That’s right Met Éireann is forecasting a major temperature dip for the start of May and if that’s not enough, there’s gonna be some rain and heavy wind.


Light winds and low temps of -1 to 2c extending to +10c over the course of the day. Mist and Fog possible. Very cold with rain forecast for Atlantic coastal areas.


AKA the 1st of May. AKA Summer.

Rain in all areas for a time with heavy falls of rain locally. Temps between 9-11c. 


Showery and breezy day. Occasional sunny spells but mostly rain. 

Yes we did mention snow, you didn’t dream that. It looks like our friends in the UK will be treated to some snow in the South East according to The Met Office. 

The last time the UK experienced snow (The Beast) they shared that beautiful moment with us here in Ireland too. Thanks so much for doing that by the way…

So, if you see some snow on high ground at the start of next week, do not be surprised at all. 

Ugh, we give up. We’re booking a holiday.

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