McDonald's Are Testing Out Pizza And People Are Losing Their Shit

This changes everything

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Sometimes your eyes can't quite believe what they are seeing and that is the case with the news that McDonalds have been testing out pizza in their restaurants.

The pizzas have been popping up on the menu of three restaurants across the USA and Canada with people driving from all over the country to get a taste.

Can you imagine having this option next time you popped into McDonalds?

Pictures show that it does look like seriously good pizza in fairness. They certainly aren't holding back on the cheese...

McDonald's pizza! #mcdonaldspizza

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And you can choose your own toppings including chicken, bacon and sausage and the pizza costs about €6 on average...

Ever seen mcdonalds pizza? I certainly haven't. #mcdonalds #mcdonaldspizza

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Average wait time is apparently about 11 minutes which is an absolute age for McDonalds...

I can die happily now #mcdonaldspizza #mcdonalds #yum

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We're not totally sure how to feel about this in general. We love pizza and we love a sneaky McDonalds but the two combined doesn't quite seem right?

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