Meryl Streep And Tom Hanks Just Gave Two Irish Counties A Whopper Shout Out

It was "the most magical afternoon of my life" said Meryl

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Celebrities LOVE Ireland. Fact. They're completely obsessed with the place and just can't seem to stop laughing about our country's little quirks. 

Case in point? Ryan Tubridy interviewed Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks for his Radio One show this morning ahead of their new film The Post, and they both shared some lovely memories of their time in Ireland. 

Meryl called Donegal a place where she spent the “most magical afternoon of my life”, and Tom recalled his time spent filming Saving Private Ryan in Wexford. 

“Here’s the greatest memory of it all. I was staying in the little town of Gorey and I came home one night after work and everybody was outside of the pub and they were all drinking. I thought it would be lovely to meet them and sit down with them, but I had to work,” he said.

“The next morning, we passed the same pub and on all the benches and all the ledges on the pub were all the pint glasses waiting to be collected. I thought, ‘In Ireland, they don’t steal pint glasses’. That would never happen in the United States.”

Tubridy joked that's because the glasses aren’t even washed, to which Hanks replied: “They’re even ahead of us in water conservation!”


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