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23rd Oct 2018

It’s Going To Be Absolutely Freezing This Bank Holiday Weekend

Kiara Keane

You might want to adjust your bank holiday weekend plans because it’s set to be absolutely freezing from Thursday onwards.

Weather experts are predicting that we’re in for some freezing cold nights over the weekend with temperatures dropping as low as -2°C in parts of the country.

Met Éireann said that a “cold arctic airmass” is on the way and we can expect it to feel “bitterly cold”.

Meanwhile Carlow Weather’s Alan O’Reilly noted the first signs of sleet and snow on his charts, saying, ‘The first appearance of greens and pinks for some time on these charts, green is sleet and pink is snow.’

Met Éireann forecaster Liz Walsh told the Irish Mirror: “It will be a northerly airflow, and that air, if it’s coming straight down from the north, is coming from the Arctic. That’s why it’s so cold.

“There is high certainty that is going to happen and that it will last throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.”

She added, “There will be some cold frosty nights but we are heading towards winter, that’s bound to happen. But we’re not looking at -10°C here.

“It will feel cold because the wind is going to be strong, a strong gusty wind, even though we’re looking at daytime highs of 6°C to 10°C during the day, it will feel colder than that in a northerly wind.”

But at least we can enjoy a fairly pleasant few days before that happens, with temperatures expected to reach 14°C in parts of the country on Wednesday.

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