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05th Dec 2018

This Irish City Has Been Revealed As One Of The World’s Top 10 ‘Tinder Hotspots’

Kiara Keane

Tinder has revealed some fairly interesting new details about the habits of users around the world.

The popular dating app usually stays fairly tight-lipped about stuff like this but they’ve just released an in-depth analysis of the Year in Swipe.

The most unexpected detail is that Limerick was actually one of the top 10 cities in the world for Tinder activity, relative to its size.

They confirmed that people in Limerick are spending more time on the app than almost anywhere else, though there was no word on whether people actually got more matches as a result.

The Year In Swipe shows what’s been trending in different countries around the world, from the top profile ‘anthems’ to the most talked about topics in people’s bios (the Americans are all talking about gluten, apparently).

They also revealed that Monday between 6 and 9pm was the most popular time of day for swiping and getting more matches.

As well as that, Drake’s In My Feelings was the #1 Spotify Anthem for Tinder users across all countries and unsurprisingly, two of the most popular emojis were beer and pizza.

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