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28th Sep 2020

Mr. Tayto’s new crisp packaging has a lovely message to healthcare and front-line workers

Rory Cashin

A very nice message from Mr. Tayto himself.

If you’ve purchased a packet of Tayto crisps recently, then you may have noticed that the packaging has taken on a temporary overhaul.

First things first is you’ll notice on the front that the Tayto name is gone entirely, and replaced by a big THANK YOU.

Flip the bag over, and you’ll see that the back of the packaging now comes with a lovely heartfelt message from Mr. Tayto himself, thanking the Irish population and singling some folk out for their specific contribution during the pandemic:

“I just wanted to share a message of appreciation with all of you… To the healthcare workers, THANK YOU for your dedication to keeping us all safe throughout this pandemic.

“To all of the front-line workers, THANK YOU for all of your hard work that kept our country moving during such unprecedented times. To the Irish people, THANK YOU for staying home and playing your part by staying apart. Stay safe everybody. Le grá, Mr. Tayto.”

Photo via jo.donogue/Instagram

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