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17th Jun 2017

National Lottery Issues Warning Over Euromillions Scam

James Fenton

The National Lottery has issued a warning following a spate of scams offering free plays of the Euromillions.

According to, several people have been contacted by a Dublin number in recent weeks and offered the chance to play the game for free. 

A spokesperson said:

“We have become aware through social media and other channels about such calls which appear to have escalated in the last few days as the EuroMillions jackpot hits €50 million.

“Last month we were contacted through our call centre by members of the public saying they received calls from the National Lottery giving them good news that they had won a free play on the Euro Millions.

“Those contacted were told to press a particular digit on their phone to avail of a free draw. None of those who contacted our call centre did. They sensed that something wasn’t right. So we don’t actually know what happens if you press the number.

“We highly recommend that if a member of the public is contacted by this number to be extremely vigilant.”

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