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Ireland Could Be Getting Another Bank Holiday Soon

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It looks like we could be in for a brand new bank holiday.

The plans which are currently being discussed in European Parliament in Brussels would mean we’d actually have two in the space of the same month.

Officials are making plans to turn Europe Day on May 9 into an actual public holiday.

That’s on top of the May bank holiday we already have at the start of the month, which falls on May 6 this year.

Spanish Liberal MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua said it “will most probably be passed” in a plenary session next month.

Croatian Liberal MEP Ivan Jakovcic also said the suggestion of a Europe Day bank holiday had “clear support” and told Euroactiv, “It seems there is clear support from several parliamentary groups such as the Greens, the Socialists and ALDE.

“Having 9 May as a public holiday is not for the sake of holidays but so that we can show our unity and fight for our values.”

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